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With WILD Connect, you can rely on products in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 that keep your value-added chain environmentally friendly and secure.

And we are not resting on our laurels with this certification: instead, with a high level of awareness of our responsibility, we have maintained for many years a company culture that focusses on the subjects of environmental protection and occupational safety.

With this in mind, we observe the following codes of conduct …

  • With our employees, we continually examine and evaluate environmentally relevant processes as part of our CIP management and sensitise our team via training courses.
  • With our suppliers, we are in a continuous dialogue to gradually replace disposable packaging with environmentally friendly reusable packaging in order to minimise the amount of waste.
  • With our customers, we are working hard to reduce the amount of materials contaminated with harmful substances in our products to an acceptable minimum.
  • With both the authorities and the general public, we are in a frank and open dialogue.
  • We especially place great value on the protection of our employees from job-related injuries and illnesses and hence, we pay particular attention to occupational safety.
  • As part of our CIP management, we continually examine and evaluate our work processes and keep our employees informed about the latest findings via targeted training courses in order to minimise risks and prevent injuries.

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