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Our products ⋅ Versatile, high quality, secure

As renowned experts in the production of cables, we manufacture for many branches – in small and large series – strands, leads and cable harnesses as well as various components of the industry, household appliances and medical technology.

Alongside the production standards typical in the industry, we are one of the few German cable processing companies who are qualified to manufacture in accordance with UL standards and to label our products accordingly. As a result, our solutions stand for security and trust all over the world. Our quality management, CIP and our passion for perfection ensure that we deliver 100% defect-free products.

Because we are quick and eager to understand new market segments and are well-versed in the application of various technologies, we can answer to all customer requests with high flexibility, a wide variety of services and products with manifold capabilities. This page depicts a small selection of them.

Production Examples

Did you know that we can trace back which employee has worked on the production of a specific cable for 10 years?
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