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Cable assemblies of the highest quality since 1972

We manufacture in small and large series

strands, leads and cable harnesses as well as various components of the industry, household appliances and medical technology.

That’s why WILD

At WILD Connect experience and passion meet each other to perfection. We always have an open ear for the needs of our customers and a competent team that optimally serves all requests …

  • 200 employees at locations in Germany/Hungary
  • Modern machinery with 40 automats on 10,000 m²
  • DIN ISO 9001/13485/14001, UL certifications and CIP
  • Customised and cost-effective production

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Passed final exam

We are very pleased to congratulate our trainees Laurin Zähringer and Morteza Fatemi on passing their final written exams. After three years of hard work, it is a great feeling to graduate and start into work life.

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