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For our employees the implementation of demands for high levels of quality is no burden, but a passion for perfection that we’ve been living for over 40 years – from the goods reception to product shipping.

Our promise of unrestricted quality demands that, without exception, all products get thoroughly reviewed and any discrepancies get detected during the manufacture. To do this, we put our trust in reliable machines, experienced employees, process-accompanying quality assurance and CIP.

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Our certifications

DIN EN ISO 9001defines a model of the complete QM. The 8 principles are…

  • Customer focus
  • Managerial responsibility
  • Inclusion of the people involved
  • A process-oriented approach
  • A system-oriented management approach
  • Continual improvement
  • Decision making approach relevant to present issues
  • Supplier relationships that promote mutual benefit

DIN EN ISO 13485 defines the requirements for the QMS for producers of medical products. In addition to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, other critical processes should be implemented (such as recalls, defence against contamination, risk management etc.). As a result, this standard places the focus on the highest level of safety of products along with continuous improvement.Risikomanagement uvm.). Diese Norm legt damit den Fokus neben ständiger Verbesserung auf höchste Sicherheit der Produkte.

DIN EN ISO 14001 was published in 1996 and defines the area of environmental management, both conceptually and in terms of content. Environmental protection was systematically anchored to management through this standard. To comply with this, it is particularly important to ensure that environmental aspects are considered in all daily tasks and corporate policy decisions.

UL is a symbol for safety and trust all over the world. We are one of the few German cable processing companies who are qualified to manufacture in accordance with UL standards.

From strands to complex cable harnesses we manufacture UL-certified in accordance with “Wiring harnesses – UL File – ZPFW2 File E335419″ and “Processed Wire – UL File – ZKLU2 File E335420″ and we are in the position to attach the corresponding UL labels to our products.

Some background knowledge: In some countries (particularly in North America) only articles with UL certification get smooth access to the market. Therefore, we recommend our customers to ensure in the planning stages of a new product that all components fulfil the requirements for the UL standards.

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„Stagnation equals regression“. This simple formula explains the reason why companies must continually seek to improve themselves to survive amongst the competition for the long term. Flexibility, process and delivery security, high quality and a continuous increase in productivity are the decisive factors for success. In this context, everyone has been talking about CIP (“Continuous improvement process”) for years now. But what is CIP exactly? And what does it mean for us?

It means to place the potential of the employees at the centre of all endeavours for improvement. In this process, the essential characteristic is that, as far as possible, improvements should be planned and implemented in small steps. CIP begins in the mind. In order to make it a success, all employees must be fundamentally willing to accept changes and support them energetically. Hereby, it is important to have the experience to recognise and eliminate wastage.

CIP belongs to our company culture and is our central belief.

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