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High quality through micrograph analysis

Today we would like to introduce you to micrograph analysis:

In our micrograph laboratory, electrical connections are cut open, polished, cleaned and visually analysed according to our customer requirements using specially developed software.

After the analysis, evaluations can be made and, if necessary, corrective measures can be taken. The quality of the crimp connections depends on the gas-tightness or the degree of filling of the individual wires and their deformation. For example, cavities must not be too large in order to prevent the penetration of environmental influences.

At WILD Connect, we work according to the motto “Quality prevails and is a must”.

This is also the reason why more and more customers are finding their way to us, which of course makes us very happy and is a confirmation of our quality in all departments – not just in the product.

But see for yourself – we look forward to receiving your enquiry!


Your WILD Connect team

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